Finding Companies Who Hire Felons

Many felons who have served their time and have learned their lesson, look forward to living a better life once they are release.  A very important aspect to living better is finding employment. This can be daunting due to the main issue of locating good Companies Who Hire Felons. Locating a job that is open-minded and fits the standard of living may often prove to be a difficult task. Companies often seek to maintain their image and reputation, so they do not usually advertise their willingness to hire ex-felons. Nonetheless if one knows where to start looking they can actually come across a list of such companies. Finding jobs for ex convicts might challenging for but it is certainly not impossible.

Ex-felons who want to begin working again should start by checking prison programs where they can find lists of professions offering them jobs. They can even seek assistance from their parole officer as well. Contacting the labor department or the state employment office can also be helpful. Since organizations such as these might be paying Work Opportunity Tax Credit, contacting the right local government office can help in obtaining more information. They may even be able to find some kind of employment by checking programs at various Non-profit and church based organizations. Thus, asking pastors and various community based organizations about employment need is also a good idea.

A list of such positions can also be found at several agencies and temp agencies. An ex-felon can always try to apply to a company if they find it suitable for them, since those companies which might actually hire them do not make this fact publicly known. Such agencies may include various industries which are growing and where new staff always seems to be in demand; Construction, delivery, food service, trucking are some of these such industries. Since the US Military has a criminal history waiver program they can even be hired here as well. Reportedly a waiver is needed by one in eight soldiers in the Army when they are enlisting.

They can also find employment through work release programs which are established by nonprofit organizations. Working as an independent contractor or a freelancer is a highly potential employment opportunity. They can even hire themselves out rather than working for an employer if they learn a profession or trade that is in demand. Starting their own business is also an ideal money making alternative. Those who actually have a knack for business can become successful in it even though entrepreneurship is not always exactly easy.

As long as the ex-felon is proactive, finding a company or an organization that will hire them can become quite easy. But they must be committed to keep trying. There are still a lot of opportunities available with companies who hire felons, though finding just about any kind of work has become difficult these days due to the economic slowdown. Nonetheless companies that are rapidly growing still need good staff and possibly will create jobs for ex offenders. As before mentioned though, a job might not be the only ideal opportunity, there is always the possibility of working as a freelancer, contractor or starting a business, so be sure to be open-minded and if you haven’t selected your desired career path yet, that’s the perfect place to start!

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4 comments on “Finding Companies Who Hire Felons
  1. jkak says:

    I am a person that loves to give hope to those positioned in hopelessness. This blog is a helpful and informative guide to get on the right track. Many felons are products of broken homes. Many felons are fathers of a broken home. As a society we are not called to judge but serve one another. This blog is a service of hope to a hopeless situation. As we remove the excuses every being is challenged to walk again. I encourage all that are graced with this information to feel the responsibility to share with someone in need of these directions. If you are personality seeking a change and chance I charge you to set a goal that will keep you motivated. We are all models for someone so ask yourself what do you want to display. Your greater that what you been through.

  2. Don Slaw says:

    I am trying to start a non-profit organization here in Virginia to help newly released Offenders get a Job and/or Job training, I need to know what companies hires felons???

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