Help For Felons – Where is it?

Getting help for felons can often prove to be quite difficult in many cases. Many ex-felons, like you want to live a life of dignity, but they have to deal with significant struggle as they start their new life of freedom over again. However, you should not lose hope but instead try your best to find your way and avoid going back to past ways of living, even if it means reaching out to as many people that can assist you as possible.

Early in your release you should begin identifying some community-based programs that can help you to get back to a normal life. There are several different kinds of programs that are very useful for helping previous felons. The most important of them offer education and employment assistance.

For example, the EVOLVE program. It has been designed to help recently released felons with new life aide. It is one of the first community-based re-entry programs for ex-criminals in South Nevada. It provides courses on intense case management, job training, placement and counseling etc for nearly 18 months. According to the program authorities, more than 2,000 ex-criminals have been benefited by undergoing this program. And, the greatest thing is that most of them are working for various employers and earning a good income. Similarly, there are several community-based vocational programs that can help them to move on the right track.

Most of the states have different kinds of programs like these, that can help you to get support you need.  Some of these programs and their details can be found in websites like westcore.org, exprisoners.org and exoffender.org. Others may have to be found by word of mouth. These community and state based programs will usually help you to get new identification, let you know where current job fairs are taking place with companies that hire ex-offenders, find housing, get grants and the list goes on. But it will take effort on you part to seek them out.

Don’t let someone else’s NO be a detriment to your success in moving forward with your life. Every excuse you make is just a reason wrapped up in a lie. You control your own destiny but you have to be willing to overcome the bumps you may have to cross to get to your destination. There are is definitely help for felons available, but they may not always be that visible to everyone. Networking and determination are the key.

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